Women and Youth in Maguindanao and Basilan trained as Social Entrepreneurs

Series of community-based trainings on Social Entrepreneurship were conducted for the Women Empowerment through Craft (WE Craft) Project community partners in Maguindanao and Basilan on November 7-15, 2018. 

A total of more than 1,000 women, young girls and boys (community partners) were capacitated on the basics of starting up a business with a social mission and the important factors to be considered for the success of a business. The community partners also learned about social enterprise and the qualities of a successful social entrepreneur.

Workshops were conducted during the training to determine the social issues and resources present in the communities.

“In starting up a business, we need to assess ourselves if we have the capability to be an entrepreneur. We also need to learn how to save money and use it to invest in business.” Islamia Kanakan from Brgy. Buayan, Datu Piang said.

“You also need to evaluate your environment and try to find out how your business can help address issues in the community,” she added.

Participants made their own “Negosyante” hats to help put their mindset into being an entrepreneur.

Intan Yusop from Brgy. Katidtuan, Sultan Kudarat also mentioned some of the qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur. “I have learned that in business, you need to learn how to deal with different types of people, not just your clients. You also need to be patient and persevering,” she said.

“As an entrepreneur, I have to work hard. I also need to look at what the people around me need and how my business can help address those needs,” a community partner from Brgy. Orandang, Parang said emphasizing the importance of hard work especially when the business is still starting up.

Other community partners considered the training as an additional opportunity for the development of their community. “We need to establish an enterprise to help develop a community that we can be proud and to be finally excluded from those that are considered urban poor communities,” a community partner from Brgy. Orandang said.

Narimbai Dimao from Brgy. Bulalo said that the training provided an encouragement for small business owners to continue working hard for the success of their endeavors.

Community partners also considered the activity as a venue to promote unity and social cohesion among members of the community.

The Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower activity aimed to develop the team work and cooperation among the participants.

“Because of this training, I feel like I got to know more about my fellow women in the community” Islamia Kanakan said.

“Through the team building activity, I have socialized with my fellow community partners and together, we have also learned how to be good members of the community. It also gave us strength and hope that we will be able to establish a successful enterprise together,” a community partner from Brgy. Satan, Shariff Aguak said.

During the community-based training on social enterprise and entrepreneurship, the participants have also established their people’s organization and elected their respective cooperative officers.

The WE Craft Project is a component of the Empowering Women, Peaceful Communities Project (EWPC) of the UN Women implemented in Bangladesh, Indonesia and recently in the Philippine. In the Philippines, The Moropreneur Inc is the one of the two local organizations selected to implement the EWPC Project.

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