About Us

TMI Logo

Our logo illustrates the advocacy that TMI aims to deliver - to alleviate poverty and promote global competitiveness of the the tri-people (Bangsamoro, IPs and settlers) of Mindanao.

The three people showcase the beautiful character of the tri-people of Mindanao, helping and pushing each other to the best of their abilities; supporting one another as they aim and reach their goals. Within these individuals represent their uniqueness and how unity makes one emerge in such a beautiful and bold creation that is enough to compete not only in Mindanao but across the globe.

It also reflects the sustainable development framework of People, Profit and Planet.

We hope to live this brand and In Shaa Allah take the lead in creating innovative social solutions for the betterment of life.


Empowered, responsible and caring Tri-People and government collaborating and innovating social solutions toward peaceful and developed society.


We will enable Tri-People (Bangsamoro, IPs and settlers) communities especially women, youth and people with disability to become productive citizen of this country. We will do it through working with key stakeholders to provide comprehensive capacity building and empowering programs that will enhance their understanding, global views, skills, attitudes, values and ethics; establish or strengthen micro-enterprises through business and product support and development to increase household income, and greater access to basic services; and create positive networks of communities that will work toward the attainment of sustainable peace and development in the region.

Core Values


We want to share our knowledge and expertise with our stakeholders.


We act and operate with transparency and integrity.

Value Creation

We want to create value for all our stakeholders and to form long-term partnerships of mutual value.


We make ourselves available for dialogue and respond to input and feedback in a timely and agile manner.


We believe in collaboration and base our engagement on genuine dialogue - we engage, listen, and act.

Organizational Structure


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