All-iNclusive Growth Actions Towards Development And Poverty AlleviaTion (ANGAT-DAPAT PROGRAM)


The Context and Adaptive Challenge

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) remains the poorest region in the country with the highest poverty incidence increasing from 2012 (46.9 %) to 2015 (53.4%). 1 of 2 families has income lower than the poverty threshold. High percentage of unemployed Women, Youth and Person with Disability. Need to enhance competent skills, access to basic services and wage employment opportunities.


The Solution

Goal: The Moropreneur Inc partners with various stakeholders to enhance the quality of life of the underserved women, PWDs and youth through:

  • capacity building and empowering activities
  • micro-enterprises through business and product support and development to increase household income and greater access to basic services; and,
  • create positive networks of communities that will work toward the attainment of sustainable peace and development


Envisioned Result

By the end of 2020, the program can achieve the following result:

  • 2,000 families have sustained 50 % increased income.
  • 10,000 women capacitated and accessed basic social services.
  • 10,000 youth enhanced leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  • 50 Micro-enterprises established.


How Can You Help?

You can support us and show your care to the needy.

  • Donate (monetary and In-Kind)
  • Grant
  • Loan
  • Technical Assistant
  • Marketing
  • Provide Training