All-iNclusive Growth Actions Towards Development And Poverty AlleviaTion (ANGAT-DAPAT PROGRAM)

The Moropreneur Inc partners with various stakeholders to enhance the quality of life of the underserved women, PWDs and youth through:

 capacity building and empowering activities

 micro-enterprises through business and product support and development to increase household income and greater access to basic services; and,

 create positive networks of communities that will work toward the attainment of sustainable peace and development.

ANGAT Marawi: Emergency and Early Recovery Program

In response to the situation and identified needs of the Marawi siege victims, The Moropreneur Inc with support from various partners, launched the ANGAT Marawi Program – an inter-phased two-year Emergency and Early Recovery Program that aims to help the affected local government facilitate the transition from humanitarian/early recovery to rehabilitation and recovery of the displaced families.