Women-led Coops Produced Agri-based Products from BARMM

The Moropreneur, Incorporated (TMI) as part of its Women Empowerment through Craft (WE Craft) Project conducted a series of skills-based training for its community partners in Maguindanao and Basilan.

The products developed on each target area was based on the resources and raw materials already present in the community as well as the market demand based on the market assessment conducted by TMI.

A community partner in Datu Piang, Maguindanao cutting the dried water hyacinth into the same length.

“At first, we thought that water hyacinths are worthless. But after the training, we realized how important it is to us. We can use it to create bags, slippers, baskets, and other products.” Meriam Saguia, one of the community partners trained on the production of water hyacinth handicraft, said.

Aisa M. Pagayao, a housewife from Brgy. Kanguan, Datu Piang said that the training provided an opportunity for stay at home women like her since they can create the products even if they are just at home and earn from it.

Community partners in Brgy. Bulalo and Brgy. Kanguan in Datu Piang, Maguindanao produced water hyacinth products after their training. In Madia, Datu Saudi Ampatuan, the community partners were trained on the development of Banana-based products and Pandan handicrafts.

“I can use this skill to start earning my own income. I want to learn more because I am hoping that our products will be known not just in the Philippines, but internationally as well,” Sadia Tido, one of the women trained in Inaul Apparels making, said.

Some of the community partners are also looking forward to ensure the continuity of their enterprise. Lara Sadang, one of the community partners from Bulalo, Sultan Kudarat said that, “Hopefully, we can teach share this skill to our children in the future, so we can create more products in the future.”

Production of Inaul Apparels were taught to the women of Brgy. Bulalo and Brgy. Katidtuan of Sultan Kudarat. The production of corn-based products including corn tea and corn polvoron was taught to the community partners in Brgy. Satan, Shariff Aguak.

A community partner weaving the traditional Yakan cloth, Tinnun.

In Lamitan City, Basilan, community partners in Brgy. Baas participated in the skills-based training on Cassava Chips production while Dried Fish production and Tinnun weaving were taught to the organized women-led people’s organization in Brgy. Parang Basak.

Production of Bamboo-based products such as Bamboo Tea and Bamboo Straw was taught to the community partners in Tubigan, Maluso, Basilan. In Brgy. Taberlongan, Maluso, the participants were trained on Pandan weaving which they will use in developing handicrafts during product development.

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