Stories of ANGAT DAPAT’s Women-led Climate-resilient Enterprises

In 2017, the Islamic Relief Worldwide Philippines (IRW-P) and The Moropreneur Inc (TMI) co-implemented the All-iNclusive Growth Activities Towards Development And Poverty AlleviaTion (ANGAT DAPAT) Livelihood Project in Maguindanao Provice, Philippines. With support from IR-Australia, the project was able to organize, capacitate and establish 10 cooperatives within a span of 8 months.

Members of the cooperatives are  women, farmers, fisherfolks, small sari-sari vendors, youth and some person with disability.

Overall, the project has met the key expected results with the establishment of seven community-based micro-enterprise in 10 barangays located in five municipalities of Maguindanao province in Mindanao.

These enterprises, managed by cooperatives are still in the process of fully taking off and are currently undergoing improvements in terms of quality, packaging, labelling and marketing startegy for them to meet value and standards required by the market. The cooperatives are also in the process of strengthening their respective groups as an organization – in the area of governance and putting systems and procedures.

The project also brings government services closer to the community and provides an opportunity to concretely perform the mandates of government agencies. The series of capacity building activities also provides confidence of women, PWD and young people to actively engage in economic activities and slowly in the wider community. There is more work to be done, however, in strengthening the cooperatives as an organization at various levels – governance, fiscal, administrative – and in improving the quality of their products that can meet standards of markets outside of the province.

To learn more about the stories of these enterprises, read the stories published in IRW’s Publication Tales of Changes (December 2017).

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