TMI Participates in JICA’s Local Industry Development Training in Hiroshima

Hiroshima, Japan. Together with the 18 participants from the regional line agencies of ARMM, business councils, private companies, cooperatives and academes, The Moropreneur Inc is pleased to be part of the 2-weeks Training on Local Industry Development in Hiroshima, Japan. Ms. Nishreen Y. Hashim, the youngest Member of the Trustees represents TMI in learning Japan’s effective mechanism and methodology of local industry development.

“At this point, TMI is in need of opportunities to learn how industries are being developed as it vies to be a leading social enterprise in the region,” Ms. Nishreen said. 

As a young social enterprise with a humanitarian component and business, The Moropreneur Inc is aiming to become the partner of the local governments in developing community-based industries and help to develop climate-resilient enterprises. “We strongly believe that the Bangsamoro and Indigenous Peoples’ areas have lots of resources and potentials to offer in various markets. However, there is a need to consolidate all of these and provide access to opportunities to our small farmers and producers. It has become our mission at TMI to work with various sectors in the region and in other places in realizing this dream,” emphasized by Selahuddin Hashim, the Executive Director  of TMI.

The Training on Local Industry Development is organized and funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The purpose of the training is to provide the opportunity for the Bangsamoro stakeholders to understand Japan’s local industry development by learning policies and good practices in distribution and marketing of agricultural and fishery products. Specifically, the participants will be able t learning overall policies and systems in Japan to promote local industries and SMEs, focusing particularly on agricultural/fishery-related businesses

The participants will also observe good practice and practices in distribution and marketing of agricultural and fishery products (Diversification/ processing of agricultural/ fishery products/promotion of agricultural produce with development of regional/local branding). They will also meet with SMEs to undestand better the collaboration network of SMEs in industry sector with support by LGU.

JICA has been supporting peacebuilding through governance, industry development and community development in conflict affected areas in the Bangsamoro (CAAB). Since 2013, JICA has extended industry development support in ARMM area and supported six (6) local industry cluster including Coconut, Palm Oil, Abaca, Rubber, Seaweed, Coffee. While CAAB is a great producer of these commodities, local industries are not enough developed due to lack of market linkage and underdeveloped material.

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