TMI partners with LGUs, CSOs, and Religious Leaders to establish Community Helpline

Participants of the Training of Helpline Volunteers

A Training of Helpline Volunteers for the Women Empowerment through Craft (WE Craft) was conducted at Casa Leticia Boutique Inn, Davao City on October 11-14, 2018. The activity was attended by representatives of the Municipal Gender and Development office, CSOs, Religious leaders, and Provincial Line Agencies.

The participants have undergone workshops to develop key messages for the project and the referral pathways or mechanisms which could be used for the community helpline. At the end of the training, the participants came up with several key messages for targeted audiences and have identified several mechanisms from the LGU, CSOs, and line agencies for the community helpline.

RCBW Commissioner Noni Lao explaining their developed key messages to her fellow participants

Rakila G. Mamosaca of ECOWEB said that the common problem for  young women is lack of education.  This was also supported by PO1 Norhaya R Sinsuat who said that most women, especially in remote areas, are not educated of their rights .

Commissioner Noni Lao of the Regional Commission on Bangsamoro Women who was also one of the participants, emphasized the need for the support of the government on initiatives by CSOs geared towards the empowerment of women.

Aleemah Maira Asili of Noorus Salam immersed in the discussion during the development of referral pathways for the community helpline

Aleemah Maira Asilin of Noorus Salam expressed her hope for a meaningful change in the community through the program by empowering women to participate and be involved in peace-building activities in their communities.

“We hope that through this helpline, more women, especially the Bangsamoro women, will be encouraged to speak out and share their issues and concerns” Uza Anisa Taha-Arab of Noorus Salam said.

The developed targeted key messages of the participants will be used all throughout the entire WE Craft Project implementation. The community support and helpline will be established in the upcoming weeks after the finalization of the referral pathways and mechanisms in collaboration with the Local Government Units.





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