UPGRADES: Up-scaling Productivity through Group Relationship And Developing Employees’ Skills


Creating a work culture that allows employees to flourish should be a priority agenda when running a successful company. It’s essential to create a culture where employees feel appreciated and supported – that’s where motivation comes into play.

Employee motivation has always been a central problem for leaders and managers. In many cases, it affects productivity and results into loss of revenue or income.

Unmotivated employees are likely to spend little or no effort in their jobs, avoid the workplace as much as possible, exit the organization if given the opportunity and produce low quality work. On the other hand, employees who feel motivated to work are likely to be persistent, creative and productive, turning out high quality work that they willingly undertake. There has been a lot of research done on motivation by many scholars, but the behavior of groups of people to try to find out why it is that every employee of a company does not perform at their best has been comparatively unresearched. Many things can be said to answer this question; the reality is that every employee has different ways to become motivated. Employers need to get to know their employees very well and use different tactics to motivate each of them based on their personal wants and needs.

In a time where attention is focused on making the client happy, organizations and agencies often forget about their most valued asset — employees. In response to this, The Moropreneur Inc’s designed the UPGRADES Program to boost employees motivation through series of interactive and dynamic group and individual activities.

Specifically, TMI’s UPGRADES is designed to achieve the following:

  • Facilitates better communication – Activities that create discussion enable open communication among employees, and between employees and management. This can improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done.
  • Motivates employees – Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees are to express their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become. This will motivate them to take on new challenges.
  • Promotes creativity – Taking a team outside of an office setting and exposing them to new experiences will force them to think outside of their normal routine. Working together with other team members can ignite creativity and fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to the office.
  • Develops problem-solving skills – In public relations a crisis can happen at any time. Team building activities that require coworkers to work together to solve problems can improve the ability to think rationally and strategically. Teams that are able to determine when a problem arises and know what they can do about it, can then effectively take charge when a real crisis occurs.
  • Breaks the barrier – Activities designed increase the trust factor with your employees. Often in corporate settings there is a disconnect between the leadership team and employees because the employees sense too large of a gap between the two. EPDP exercises give leadership the opportunity to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss, which can do wonders for employee morale.

UPGRADES Description:

Overall, the TMI-UPGRADES is an individual and organizational enhancement program that enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.

Objectives of the Activity

This 3-day activity aims to develop skills critical to a successful office effort:Cooperation, trust, effective communication, commitment and leadership. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Allow staffs to get to know one another quickly and differently than they might in the work place which, in turn, helps to strengthen workplace relationships and culture;
  • Establish, up front, a sense of team camaraderie and a greater awareness of the importance of teamwork; and,
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual support in which cooperation, mutual trust, encouragement and interpersonal concerns are emphasized, resulting to increased productivity.

 The Format

Series of ice-breaker acquaintance, trust and problem solving activities are designed to meet the objectives. Each team would participate in a circuit of problem solving initiatives which vary in rigor and graduate in difficulty. To achieve optimum design, the groups shall do the following:

  • The Group shall form 5 teams and structure themselves. A system will be adopted where each person will draw lots from three containers. The numbers will then be submitted to TMI personnel;
  • Each team is introduced to the basics of each activity and how to perform it;
  • Teams hoist and set their sails several times analyzing after each attempt how well they have performed and how they can improve their performance through better team work. Emphases is placed on individual responsibility to the teams overall success and how it relates to a production / quality control environment.

Methodology and Framework

Conceptual   input, interactive featurettes, 7S, 4A’s, Belbin Team Roles & G.R.I.P. framework of learning method and mostly use of structured learning activities with a combination of indoor & outdoor activities that would let Participants share their common experience together to get them energize and engage as a team.